More than 250 city leaders and experts from across the U.S. attended the inaugural 21st Century Neighborhoods Symposium in Baltimore, MD on Sept. 15-16, 2016.
This page provides an event recap, including videos and photos, and links to white papers, presentations, and media coverage.

Symposium Videos

Day 1: Sept. 15, 2016 (Full Day, unedited). To jump to specific panels or speakers, view the video in YouTube and click on the corresponding time codes in the video description section.

Day 2: Sept. 16, 2016 (Full Morning, unedited). To jump to specific panels or speakers, view the video in YouTube and click on the corresponding time codes in the video description section.

Symposium Highlights

Click the links below to watch video highlights from the Symposium.

Overall Symposium Highlights

Doing Well By Doing Good Panel Highlights

Safe and Healthy Neighborhood Panel Highlights

Place Matters Panel Highlights

ABCs of Pre K Expansion Panel Highlights

Symposium Presentations

Click the links below to access the presentations from Day 2 of the symposium.

Symposium White Papers

The 21st Century Cities Initiative commissioned two white papers as background reports for the symposium, a literature review of place-based programs and policies and a study demographic shifts in cities across America. Click the links below to read the full papers, or click here to read summaries of the two white papers.

  1. The Power of Place: Evaluating Policies to Transform Distressed Urban Neighborhoods by Laura Tach, Cornell University, Christopher Wimer, Columbia University and Allison Dwyer Emory, Cornell University
  2. Urban Revitalization in U.S. Cities and Neighborhoods, 1990 to 2010, Ann Owens, University of  Southern California

Federal-Local Partnerships Playbook

The 21st Century Cities Initiative released the Federal-Local Partnerships Playbook on Thursday, September 15th. The Playbook is designed as an interactive, Gitbook resource for teams of federal employees working with local communities on place-based initiatives to address stubborn challenges or respond to crises. Click here to see the Playbook.

Symposium Photos

Chris Wilson, Barclay Investment Group, opens the symposium.
Ron Daniels, Johns Hopkins University President, welcomes attendees.
Jennifer Roberts, Charlotte Mayor and JHU alumna greeted by JHU President Daniels.
Kathy Edin, 21CC Faculty Director.
Place Matters panel.
Kasim Reed, Atlanta Mayor, discusses the BeltLine.
Hyeok Kim, Seattle Deputy Mayor, discusses housing affordability.
Michael Braverman, Baltimore City Housing Deputy Commissioner.
Mary Pattillo, Northwestern University, discusses the tensions among revitalization, displacement, gentrification.
Patrick McCarthy, Annie E. Casey Foundation President, discusses neighborhood revitalization in Baltimore.
Andrea Elliott, New York Times Reporter, moderates Place Matters panel.
Lionel Foster, Urban Institute, during Q&A.
Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods panel.
Dana Redd, Camden Mayor, discusses community-law enforcement relationships.
Andrew Papachristos, Yale University, discusses research on violence reduction models.
Kenton Buckner, Little Rock Police Commissioner, asks a question of the panel.
Dr. Leana Wen, Baltimore City Health Commissioner, discusses the intersection of public health and safety.
Karol Mason, U.S. Assistant Attorney General, discusses DOJ place-based initiatives.
Wesley Lowery, Washington Post Reporter, moderates Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods panel.
Alec MacGillis, ProPublica.
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Baltimore Mayor, addresses attendees.
Ben Seigel, 21CC Executive Director.
Tara MacGuinness, White House Community Solutions Task Force Executive Director, discusses Federal-local partnerships.
Lawrence Morrissey, Rockford Mayor, discusses Federal partnerships.
Khanh Russo, City of San Jose.
Kip Holden, Baton Rouge Mayor, discusses crisis readiness and response.
Audience members react to speakers.
Jennifer Roberts, Charlotte Mayor, discusses economic inclusion.
Adrianna Kugler, Georgetown University, discusses growth and inclusion research.
Jay Williams (center), U.S. Assistant Commerce Secretary discusses economic inclusion with Tom Geddes (left), CEO of Plank Industries, and Jennifer Roberts.
Michael Fletcher, Undefeated Senior Writer, moderates Doing Well by Doing Good panel.
Question for the panel from an audience member.
Jim Kenney, Philadelphia Mayor, shares the story of his city's recent soda tax passage to support education initiatives.
Josh Wallack, New York City Deputy Education Chancellor, discusses Pre-K expansion.
Sean Reardon, Stanford University, discusses research on Pre-K and achievement gaps.
Amy Scott of Marketplace moderates the ABCs of Pre-K Expansion panel.
Bob Embry, Abell Foundation President, asks a question of the Pre-K Expansion panel.
Von Washington of Kalamazoo Promise discusses tuition free college in his city.
Audience members listen to speakers.
Megan Smith, White House Chief Technology Officer, discusses data, innovation, and cities.
Beth Blauer, Center for Government Excellence Executive Director, kicks off Day 2.
Nathan Connolly, Johns Hopkins University, provides Day 2 keynote remarks on segregation in cities.
Aden Van Noppen of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy participates in round table conversation on Day 2.